About Yogalicia

Welcome to Yogalicia

We are Luz and Flavia, mother and daughter yoga duo and certified yoga teachers, teaming up for a holistic vision on yoga.

How it all began

Everything started in 2015 when Luz (mother) discovered Yoga via Instagram. She was actively looking for a physical activity which could relieve her joint and back pain. She instantly fell in love with this discipline and started to follow professional teachers through this platform, learn from their teachings online and practice at home.

She started to feel changes in her body and mind from the beginning. Contrary to what she had been advised till that moment, she discovered how her physical state improved with movement and that the worst thing to do is leading  a sedentary life.  She started to break boundaries, and discover how powerful one’s body and mind can be, at any age.

Mom to the rescue

At the same time, Flavia (daughter) was struggling to stay physically active while in college and mom came to the rescue!

Flavia was used to practice different challenging sports at a competition level (swimming, surf and rhythmic gymnastics), and having suddenly stopped was affecting her not only physically, but most important, emotionally.

Despite the reasons why Luz started to practice yoga (different from Flavia’s motivations), she already saw the potential of this practice so she recommended her daughter to give it a try. And mothers are always right! Flavia found in Yoga more than what she was looking for. Not only a way of staying active and challenge herself physically but a life science which helped her through the day to day life since the moment she stepped on that first class.


From the beginning, Yoga has created a bond between the both us even stronger than before. Practicing together, learning from each other, understanding our different needs and, most important, growing personally and enjoying the process. All this has influenced our Yoga practice, the way we understand it and live it.

Certified Yoga Teachers

It was not till 2018 when we joined together our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. After three years of personal practice, we wanted to increase our understanding of this discipline, become certified yoga teachers and be able to share our new vision on Yoga with all of you. We decided it was the moment to turn our lives around and step into this new adventure together!

It was an amazing and challenging experience, and we are beyond grateful for our teachers for sharing their first-hand knowledge from this ancient discipline with us. Thank you, Yogi Ram, Omkar and Kalyani, our teachers at Arhanta Yoga Ashrams.


Our mission as yoga teachers is to share our holistic vision on Yoga, which emerged from our two very different circumstances and perspectives on this discipline. We want to show you how yoga can be beneficial for everybody, regardless your age, gender, body shape, fitness level and health goals.

“Same Yoga, different perspective”

We both take the most out of it in our own way and we want to help you do the same! We teach Classical Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Children Yoga, Elders Yoga and, of course, our new vision on Hatha Yoga, adapted to every individual.

Practice with us

If you want to practice with both of us, check out our RetreatsWorkshops & Masterclasses. You can also practice with one of us either in Galicia or North Holland. Check out our Private ClassesGroup Classes and Online Classes.

We can’t wait to meet you!

With love,

Luz & Flavia