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If you already read our About us info and still curious about Luz’s journey, you are in the correct place!

Without any further ado, here is a glimpse of her journey!


I was born in Galicia in 1960, in an artistic environment. My father was a painter, rhapsodist, photography lover and former theatre actor. My eldest sister, a ballet dancer and teacher. I grew up playing the piano and the guitar, writing songs, posing for my father and occasionally attending my sister’s ballet classes. By the time I realized I loved ballet so much, I had grown, stiffen up and a bit later, was quite busy with my English Philology Degree and my married life. Even so, I managed to complete the elementary degree in Classical Ballet and had some of my best cherished moments practicing and performing at an amateur level.

But it kept on being an struggle, I was most of the time stiff or slightly injured and never seemed to reach that point where your body moves at ease.

Mom life

After being a mom, I began to lead a less and less active life and pains and aches began to show up:  shoulder calcifications, back pain, neck and upper back always contractured, feet and hand pain. I had to take medication and was advised mainly not to move…

Changing perspective

As things went worse, I decided it was time to do something different about it!

First, I changed my physician for one that considered moving a therapy and who recommended me my actual osteopath.

Second, I began to try running and attended Pilates Classes

And my life began to slowly  change for the better.

Two years later,as I could no longer attend classes, my best opportunity appeared: I discovered Instagram, and started looking for fitness and pilates routines, aaanddd  guess what?? Discovered Yoga!!

I started to follow instagram challenges, tutorials,  teachers all over the world, on-line classes, reading books.. a new world opened in front of my eyes ready to grab!

During 2015 I was frequently accompanying Flavia (do you know her? haha go to More about Flavia) in Santiago. She was struggling with some issues and a bit bored with her pilates classes. I explored almost all yoga studios in the city, trying different styles until I found  an Iyengar studio perfect for her.

That was the beginning of our journey together.


Since then, I’ve been practicing on my own as well as attending several workshops (Iyengar, meditation, Carmen Aguilar’s ones) with Flavia too.

In March 2018, we joined the 200h Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands and became Certified Yoga Teachers together. Sharing this passion for Yoga with her just warms my heart!

Today, most of my pains have disappeared, even that stiffness I carried through my ballet days has been relieved and I understand my body way better.

But there’s much more besides the physical benefits; Yoga teaches you focus, resilience, awareness and helps you rewire your body and mind to achieve your best you, beyond self imposed pre-learned  limitations about your age or condition.

I’m so grateful I can share this journey with my daughter and hope you can feel inspired to begin or continue yours with us too.

With love,


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“Same Yoga, different perspective”