Why Yogalicia?

The story behind our name YOGALICIA

Why Yogalicia?

Well, that is a good question, because none of us is called Alicia or Licia, right? We are Luz and Flavia.

Then, why YOGALICIA? Let us explain where YOGALICIA is coming from.

It is a simple play on words:


Yoga for obvious reasons (we are Yoga Teachers), and Galicia because we were both, mother and daughter, born in Galicia, Spain.  You can find here more info about us.

There is another meaning which can be picked up from our name Yogalicia.
YO + GALICIA = in Spanish, could be translated as “I am Galicia” or “I choose Galicia”

And we are Galicia.

Galicia is where we both found the path of Yoga.

Galicia is home.

Galicia is family.

Galicia is nature.

Galicia is rain.

Galicia is green.

Galicia is sun.

Galicia is ocean.

Galicia is waves.

Galicia is seafood.

Galicia is friends.

Galicia is sarcasm.

Galicia is mountains.

Galicia is fog.

Galicia is stone.

Galicia is streams.

Galicia is culture.

Galicia is the St. James Way.

Galicia is bagpipes.

Galicia is magic/meigas.

Galicia is the uncrowded paradise.

You can find more information about Galicia here.

If you want to experience this magical place by yourself while enjoying a Surf and Yoga Retreat with us, we have you covered 😉


“Same Yoga, different perspective”